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What Is A Vape Pod?

Vape Pod

Whether you’ve been vaping for a few years now or you’ve just given up smoking, you’ve probably come across a vape pod system before. These often simple to use devices are available in almost every e cigarette shop in London and can be very inexpensive to invest in, especially as a first time vape device which is easy to use. The question is, is a vape pod right for your vaping habits, and how exactly do they work?


How do vape pods work?

Vape pods are usually small devices which work not with a vape tank, but with a cartridge you click into the device itself. Varying in their shape and size, most vape pods share a simplicity in use and ergonomic design which ensures that even a first time vaper will be able to pick up and go in no time at all.


Most vape pods are made of two components – a vape pod, which can either be replaced or refilled, and a battery which can be recharged. There are two types of vape pod, the refillable and the pre filled. Pre filled vape pods like the JUUL have replaceable cartridges which, when empty, are simply thrown away and replaced. The refillable devices can have their pods refilled using e juice, placing them in that pod-tank in between bracket of devices.


Is a vape pod right for you? 

Of course, one can’t simply just buy a vape device from our Docklands vape shop. You need to know what you’re looking for to suit your personal tastes and needs as a vaper. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the benefits and problems which come with using vape pods.



Easy to use

Whether they come with a power button or not, the vape pod is incredibly easy to use. Suiting ex-smokers down to a T, these devices are incredibly instinctive and reflexive in their functionality, meaning that it many cases you just take a draw on the mouthpiece to power it up.


Easy to refill

Click and your done. Take out the empty cartridges and replace it with a new one. With a satisfying click, you’re ready to vape. The vape pod sheds all of the fuss that accompanies a vape refill or dripper device, ensuring that even when in a rush, you can replace your pod with a new one.


Supports nicotine salts

One of the new innovations in vaping has been the introduction of nicotine salt based e liquids. These e liquids allow for a higher nicotine concentration due to a different process of infusing the nicotine into the liquid which takes away the harshness of a high nicotine vape hit. This process is most common in pod based devices, the cartridges themselves being the best vehicle for these high nicotine liquids.



Pods can be expensive

Whilst the devices are fairly inexpensive, the pod device can get through cartridges quite quickly. Due to its limited power and temperature control settings, these one track devices can get through vape juice rather quickly, especially if you’re an all day vaper.



The battery life on a low powered pod device is quite low. If you are a regular vaper, you’ll barely be able to get through a full day without having to recharge.


A smaller selection of flavours

Due to having to buy cartridges, you’ll be faced with far fewer flavours than a regular tank based device.


Is it right for you?

For first time vapers, pod devices are a real god send. If you are a seasoned vape veteran looking for flexibility and power, then you may want to look elsewhere.


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