Vaping Headache Hacks: How To Avoid Common Vape Issues

how to avoid common vape issues

All right, there’s no question about it; there are so many marvellous things to enjoy in the wide world of vaping – helping you to move on from and get over tobacco, finding a new community of like-minded folks to interact with, enjoying sweets but without all the calories and discovering a new hobby to throw yourself into… and on and on the list goes when you browse through and buy e-liquids, devices and accessories from the likes of a vape shop Docklands. But what about your vaping when things go wrong? What are the common issues vapers face – and how best to prevent them…?


Dry and burnt hits

Unquestionably, one of the worst woes of any vaper is a dry hit – or, for sure, multiple dry hits. Most vapers wouldn’t wish them on their worst enemy; well, almost. It might even be described as experiencing a burnt cloud of a toasted P.E. kit’s sock right down into your lungs. The trick to avoid dry and burnt hits? Well, you should be sure you’ve primed the coil ahead of vaping and, should you have fresh cotton in a new e-cig device’s tank, definitely saturate the tank’s wick with a sufficient amount of eliquid UK before taking the that first hit of a new vaping session. Moreover, if you’ve replaced the coil in your tank, be sure you drip a bit of e-juice on the new coil ahead of putting together the tank and then let it sit for up to 10 minutes before you start vaping so it’s fully saturated with fluid.


Low battery

Practically every vaper has suffered from a low battery and the issues that brings in their vaping existence. It’s critical then to ensure your device is fully charged – or backed up with fully charged replacements on your person when you’re out and about so you can replace them as soon as the one in your device run out of juice – otherwise your device simply isn’t going to function to the best of its ability. It’s crucial then, of course, that you carry about with *enough* fully charged batteries when you’re in transit – it’ll be a real vape-saver on the go. Plus, a micro- or mini-USB charger can be just as critical for you, as it’ll work with practically any USB port.


Flavour ghosting

Fair dos; you may be a vaper who rather enjoys combining e-liquid flavours but not all are and, indeed, clearly a good number of them don’t go together. To that end, having the flavour of one vape run right into your very next one is usually far from what a vaper wants; after all, why choose to fill your device with a brand new flavour isn’t what you’re actually going to end up vaping? What it’s important you make sure you do then is to give your device’s tank a good clean ahead – or at least a thorough rinse with hot water – ahead of a new vaping session. It’s worth pointing out, though, that should you be using a rebuildable dripping atomiser (RDA), you may be able to fire the mod it’s in until the fluid’s totally vaporised from the wick and the only flavour you’ll taste is the new flavour you want, but it’s pretty much always a good idea to change the cotton you’re using here too to ensure there’s no old flavour hangover and your next vape’s not untainted and, instead, totally fresh.


Dirty or gunky coils

Finally, as with preventing flavour ghosting, in trying to prevent dirty or gunky coils the way to go is via proper care and cleaning; it’s the way to produce a safe, tasty and efficient vape. If you’re a moderate user of an e-cig device then it’s advised to change your coils about every one-and-a-half or two weeks (in addition to fairly constant cleaning, naturally); if you veer more to the chain-vaping side then it’s within your interest to change coils and clean more regularly. Put it simply; the fresher the taste of the vape you value, the more you should change your coils and clean your device. If the vape doesn’t taste quite as strong or as you feel it ought to then it’s all about coil-changing and cleaning.

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