Vaping: is my device safe to use? Guide to Battery Safety

Guide to Battery Safety

Vaping: is my device safe to use?

Guide to Battery Safety

As vaping becomes more and more mainstream it also comes with a lot of bad critics who are out to blemish the reputation of the vaping industry. It is now public news that vaping is a proven safer alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. However, there are a few things everyone must be aware about when using high powered vape kit.

There have been reports on the news about vape causing harm to its users through some level of overheating or exploding altogether. Don’t worry… generally speaking it all boils down to battery safety and how well your batteries are maintained.

Today I am going to breakdown the fundamentals of battery safety and making the most of your vape Kit.

What can I do to ensure safety and longevity of my vape kit?

  • If your Vape Mod/Kiyt has a built in battery, ensure that you are charging it with its own charger and a suitable wall plug. Most vape Mod do have overcharge protection but stay on the safe side by not charging your devices overnight. This may also decrease the battery capacity in the long run.
  • External batteries should always be charged using certified chargers that has a fuse cut off and specifically designed for high power 18650 batteries. Having external batteries is also beneficial as they can be changed often to maintain a fresh charge throughout the day. However, external batteries require a little more care.


External batteries safety check

1) always check for cuts or tears on the battery wrapping as this can cause a battery shortage.

2)recommended to change a battery every 6 to 9 months regardless of visible damage.

3)when carrying extra batteries. it is essential that it is carried in a safe packaging such as a case or wrapping.  (never carry a loose battery with coins or keys in your pocket as this can short circuit a battery)

5) it is also recommended to have an external battery charger for your batteries allowing the batteries to charge fully.

What are the difference between regulated and unregulated box mods?

Regulated Mods

A regulated mod is the hi-tech newer and safer revolution of vaping. With a protective chip built in, the device is designed to notify  the user of the coil build isn’t safe or the batteries have short circuited along with many other vaping features. Regulated mods have become very popular amongst vapers due to the fact that have variable voltage control; meaning the user can change the wattage and personalising their vape based on specific needs of the user and the e-liquid and tank/rda they are using . Most also come equipped with a digital screen that provides users information on coil resistance, puff count, wattage and modes.

Unregulated Mods

Unregulated devices, also known as mechanical mods follow the same principle, but do not have any built in safety features. just like an old school torch; one end of the battery is connected to the atomiser and the other is hooked up to a spring or magnetic contact pin which completes the circuit. Basically there is no regulator in between to control how much voltage is travelling to the coil. Think of a regulator as a little gate that only allows certain amount power from the battery.

Unregulated mods always deliver the maximum wattage output from the battery 100% of the time and produce a lot of heat based on the coil build. Due to its technicality, it is imperative that Mechanical devices users possess a basic understanding of Ohms law and able to build coils. Learning to build coils come as joy to some and can prove more beneficial and cost effective in the long run.

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