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As you get more and more into vaping, these mistakes will become less and less frequent, but for the newbies among us…

As we get more used to vaping, it can become easy to see where we were making the mistakes before. As we frequent vape shops such as Vape Lagoon and their UK online vape store, we become more accustomed to what makes the perfect vape inhale for our personal tastes. Below are some of the tips we’ve collated to keep your vaping in check, and to ensure we don’t hit those snags again. Whatever your tastes, ensuring that you are getting the best out of your vape device will keep you happy and your lungs healthier.


Not enough nicotine

When people first start vaping, it is very easy to get the nicotine balance wrong in your e liquid. With so many choices on the market there’s always a chance you pick the wrong one for your tolerance. The best way to gage your nicotine needs from e liquids is to think back to how many cigarettes a day you smoked. If the answer is under five, then you should probably go for a lower nicotine concentration, say 6 to 3 milligrams per 10 ml bottle. If you were a heavier smoker, say up to 10 a day, then you should be smoking between 12 and 18 mg vape juices. Getting too high a nicotine concentration could mean you feel nauseous, whilst too low and you’ll never feel satisfied.


Bad PG/VG balance

Propylene glycol is responsible for the flavour and nicotine content of a vape juice, whilst vegetable glycerine carries its thickness. It is for this reason that you can find PG/VG ratios on your vape juice packages. Finding the balance which suits your needs the best might take some trying and testing, but a good navigation tool is to know that the more PG, the more intense the vape hit, and the more VG, the thicker the vape cloud exhale.


Too low a battery

It can be easy to forget to charge your vape device. If you are thinking of going out for a long day, then ensure that you have charged your device well in advance. A good indicator of an undercharged vape device is that the vapour output is lower than it should be. Always carry another vape battery with you in case the one you are using runs out.


Personalise your variable wattage

Not everyone has the same vape tastes. That’s why personalised vape settings exist. Ensuring that you have found the right variable voltage or wattage for your device is key. Beginners to the vape mod game might think that they should just keep their settings at default to be safe from vape overcharging, but as soon as you realise that regulated mods have built in circuit protection, you can dial up or down your device to your heart’s content.


Keep your rebuildable atomiser in good condition

Rebuildable atomisers are some of the easiest pieces of kit to lose and break in the vaping world. These small pieces of kit are essential to the smooth functioning of the vape device, and are prone to clogging and breaking. If you are looking to deep clean your atomiser, then try soaking your atomiser in a bowl of soapy water or ethanol. After rinsing it down, add it back to your device and feel the difference in the vape inhale.


Vaping like a smoker

Direct to lung vaping is the most popular form of vaping these days, although mouth to lung vaping gives you more taste. Getting the wrong vape inhale for the strength of vapour your breathing in can be overwhelming. As a rule of thumb, higher PG and nicotine vape juices should be mouth to lung vaped, whilst higher VG juices and sub ohm atomisers should be direct to lung vaped.

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