With the Stoptober campaign coming into full swing, what are Vape Lagoon doing to help tobacco users quit?


It’s that time of year again, the days are getting shorter, strange lights blink in the darkness and there’s more mist in the air than usual. We’re not talking about Halloween, but Stoptober. Stoptober is a combined effort of a range of organisations who are urging and helping people to use this month as a great month to quit smoking. This is great news for the vaping industry as one of the most popular alternatives to smoking, and has also meant that vape shops such as Vape Lagoon can lend a helping hand to bettering the health of thousands of smokers across the country.

There are a few initiatives that we at Vape Lagoon are involved with over October, all with an eye on smoking cessation in the Tower Hamlets area of London. Below are some of the ways we’re contributing to Stoptober.


Why is Stoptober so important?

 People quit smoking all the time, and the NHS and its related charities promote e cigarettes all year round for their smoking cessation programmes. So, what is so important about October as a stop smoking campaign?


Collective effort

For starters, the month of October gives organisations and charities the chance to come together and discuss and share their techniques for helping people to stop smoking. This means that they can learn more, find new solutions and help each other in a focussed and intensified month long period. Whether it be Cancer Research UK, the Fire Department or Vape Lagoon, you’ll see a wide variety of companies come together to stem the flow of tobacco.


More coverage for anti smoking

What’s more, the Stoptober campaign is the perfect catchy image and slogan to gain people’s attention. Under one banner, a unified brand can help to bring the diverse elements of the anti-smoking agenda together in one place.


Vape Lagoon and Quit Right

Vape Lagoon is working with Quit Right, a Tower Hamlets based organisation who give talks and clinics which help people to quit smoking. From the LGBT community to pregnant women, the Quite Right team in Tower Hamlets are aware that tobacco addiction is caused by a number of factors which can often be unique to the individual or their life. With a focus on the Tower Hamlets community, the Quit Right charity aim to help people quit in the way that works for them. Vape Lagoon offer just one of their solutions to smoking cessation.


Vape Lagoon and workshops and events

Vape Lagoon don’t just offer up their equipment for sale through Quit Right. We are also actively engaging with the Tower Hamlets community through participating in their workshops and events. This gives us the chance to showcase some of our products, whilst also helping potential ex-smokers understand how vaping could help them quit. Working closely with Quit Right has given Vape Lagoon the opportunity to get to know our community whilst helping us to further understand the needs of our customers, and what they want from our products.


Carbon Monoxide testing

One of the main ways that we can assess the level of damage that smoking is doing to your body is through carbon monoxide tests. These tests are often used for helping pregnant women to stop smoking, but are now being used for a more widespread user base.

Users blow into a small device, which measure the amount of carbon dioxide they inhale. If they are a smoker, this should correlate with the amount they smoke. These tests can be taken after the ex-smoker has taken up vaping, so as to help them put a numerical value to the positive difference it is making to their lives.

We at Vape Lagoon are offering carbon monoxide tests in association with the Quit Right Stoptober campaign. Ask in store today for more information.


Vape Lagoon and the STIG Device

One of Vape Lagoon’s prime devices being showcased during Stoptober is the STIG from the innovative Grey Haze Company. This disposable pod device comes with a range of different vape juice flavours and is incredibly easy to use, even for the first time vaper. This ex-smoker orientated device is disposable, giving you no commitment as an ex-smoker and thus taking some of the pressure off vaping. It also includes up to 240 puffs, the equivalent of a whole pack of cigarettes. With 20 mg of nicotine and nicsalt variations giving you that perfect hit, many ex-smokers will be opting for this safer alternative this Stoptober.

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