Vape Kits contain everything you need to start vaping journey. Our collection of Vape Kits includes mods, tanks, coils, charging cables, and spare parts. All our Vape Kits are customizable depending on your preferences. Some of our starter kits include Aspire, Smok, lost vape, Vype and Innokin. Some of our direct Vape Kit brands are Smok, Voopoo, UD, and Vaporesso. Vape Kit(sometimes referred to as e-cigarette) is a device that allows you to inhale nicotine vapor, instead of smoke. Smoke contains tar and carbon monoxide which are commonly known as dangerous elements in smoking cigarettes. There are four types of E-Cigarettes: Cigalikes or Pen Style, Pod Systems/kits, and Box Mods. If you’re looking to replicate smoking and quitting for the first time, Cigalikes, Pod Systems, and sometimes Vape Pens would be the best choices for you. Whereas if you are a veteran vaper, sub-ohm devices and mods are more appropriate. All our kits a manufacturer guaranteed and comes with instructions. 

Starter Kits are designed for beginners who are starting their vaping journey.

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