So investing in the right tech is key to your satisfaction. Whether you’re looking for a more efficient e cig battery or simply a new case for your device, there are many great quality options, as well as some crummy ones as well. It’s about making an informed decision over the accessories to invest in and which are a waste of time, whether that be brand, model or object. Below are some of our favourite vape accessories, all of which you can find in store at Vape Lagoon.


Vape USB chargers

USB e cig chargers are useful because they are portable. Whether a battery in and of itself or whether it’s connected directly to your device is another question, but charging kits are designed to  travel with you and can even fit in the pocket. To make the right decision on USB chargers, first make sure you know whether your vape device has an internal or an external battery. An external battery means that you will be charging a battery up, which you will then place inside your vape device, whilst an internal battery means that you will place your vape device oto the charger itself.


Vape batteries

Whether internal or external, a vape battery is useful to research in terms of how efficient and suited to your device it is. Before purchasing, make sure that you know what voltage the battery works best at, and if that correlates with the power settings of your vape device. Next up, check the mAh of your vape battery. This stands for milli-amp hours, a unit of measurement which will deduce how many amps of energy your vape device will be fed every hour. This will also give you a good idea of how long the battery will last for. The longer the milli-amp hours, the longer the vape battery will last for.


Vaping apps

This may not be something any vaper is used to, but with the PAX 3, you can now download an app which helps you vape in a range of different modes. This app allows you to choose from stealth, efficiency, boost and flavour mode, giving you the chance to vape your dry herb flavours in a whole range of different ways. This phone based app uses bluetooth technology to connect to your device, allowing you to control the temperature at which you vape by very small increments. This is the vaping flavour chasers dream app, and will no doubt be taken up by many other vape device brands.


Vaping cotton

Vaping cotton is one of the most important components in a vape device. Without vape cotton, you’ll be vaporless, it being the material which saturates the juice within your device. Vaping cotton soaks up the e liquid which is fed through your device from the tank or drip tip. It is this cotton-saturated e liquid which is then heated and vaporised by the atomiser and battery. This means that the quality of your vape cotton matters, and that the more absorbent yet sturdy it is, the more you’ll get out of your vape device.


Building kits

Kit building tools, such as pliers, vape wire and screw drivers can come in very useful if you’re planning a little vaping DIY. If you are looking for that perfect vape tool kit, make sure you buy one which comes with a bag and handy pockets. The more portable the vape kit the better, you never know when it’ll come in useful. For the rebuildable mod lover, a building kit will open up a whole range of personalised possibilities.

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