Stealth vaping has been around as long as vaping has, but when is it ok to do it?


Stealth vaping is one of the main reasons why people begin to vape in the first place. If you’re sick and tired of having to move away from crowds to smoke, having to ask if a beer garden is smoking or not, and of dealing the tell tale tobacco smell settling into your shirts, then vaping cuts out the dirty prints and lets you get your nicotine in peace. Of course, vaping has its health benefits, but it also allows you a lot more freedom to vape in places you previously wouldn’t, in part because there is less of an odour and in part because the vapour exhaled doesn’t have the damaging effects of tobacco smoke.


Stealth vaping is the term given to subtle vaping inhalation, with hardly any sign of an exhale. It arose from devices which were low powered and higher in propylene glycol than vegetable glycerine. This is important because vegetable glycerine is the chemical which thickens up vape juice and creates the dense plumes of vapour so sought after by sub ohmers. This is the kind of vaping that stealth avoids, the intention being to draw as little attention to your vaping antics as possible. When it comes down to it then, stealth vaping is one of the best ways to keep your vaping habits low key.


That being said, there are times when this might blow up in your face. Below are some of the reasons why stealth vaping is not always such a good idea.


Vaping is against the law at some establishments

If you are on a plane, in a train or visiting a business establishment, there’s a good chance that vaping is not permitted. This is the same for several countries, such as Belgium and the UAE, where vaping is completely banned and runs the risk of severe fines or even prison time if you are caught in public with one. This means that if you are planning on stealth vaping in any of these prohibited areas, it could look even worse than just vaping normally, as it will imply that your trying to hide the fact that you’re vaping.


No vaping work policies

You don’t want to get fired, so if your boss says you can’t vape inside, then don’t vape inside. The toilets are off limits as well, people will no doubt see the vapour under the cubicle door!


Is your vape distracting?

In some establishments, like bars, cinemas and restaurants, it might be a case of your vaping being distracting. Even if stealth vaping, your device might be distracting due to odour, smell or even sound. You wouldn’t smoke a cigarette whilst somebody eats in front of you, so the same should go for vaping as well.


When can you stealth vape?

So after all of that, when is it ok for you to stealth vape? A lot of the time, you’ll find yourself in a minority as a vaper. That is unless you are in your favourite Canary Wharf vape shop, where you’ll find your e liquid loneliness go up in a puff of smoke. Say you are at a friends house with a group of people, or at an outdoors function, you might find that you are the only person vaping. This means that you might want to vape more discreetly, so as not to overwhelm the crowd with your cloud. This is the perfect instance in which to stealth vape, bringing together high powered vape technology and subtle, smooth hits in a medley of discreet deliciousness.

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