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SMOK vapes have fast cemented themselves as one of the leading brands in the vape industry. That doesn’t make them immune to the odd malfunction!

Like with many other brands, SMOK will run into some problems that only a knowing eye and a sleight of hand can fix. All technology is at the mercy of human error, or technical fragility, and so when it comes down to it, these products need to have a troubleshoot manual to go with them. There’s always a wide range of problems you can encounter with a vape device, and we all know that it’s rather easy to misplace your troubleshooting manual. That’s why we’ve outlined some of the main problems which can be faced by SMOK devices as well as some of the


What’s the best vape tank for SMOK kits?

With a range of customisable colours available, SMOK Vape Tech have released their new TFV12 Prince Tank. This customisable tank is great for sub ohm vaping, as well as a diverse range of coils to choose from. These tanks are some of the best in vape tech and are perfect for any SMOK device.

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What is the most popular SMOK device?

One of the most recent SMOK devices which is proving incredibly popular is the SMOK X-PRIV 225W starter kit. Fully equipped with temperature controls and an OLED display, this starter kit is perfect for those who want to make the most of customisable components and some rather nifty designs.


Are SMOK a trusted brand?

SMOK has been making vape devices for years now, and this has given them the time and space to develop safe and trusted vape equipment. Often lauded as one of the innovators of the vape world, their products are frequently cited on international “best of” lists for vape devices the world over. With that, SMOK are definitely a brand you can trust.


How do I know my SMOK Vape Pen is fully charged?

All vape devices which are rechargeable will come with a battery and charging pack. When your vape device runs out of battery, you can charge it using a USB charger or battery pack plugged into a plug socket. The SMOK Vape Pen will tell you when it is fully charged. After all, you don’t want to overcharge a vape. A SMOK vape pen will have an LED light on the side of the device which will light up when charging and flash when fully charged.



What batteries can a 225W SMOK MAG vape use?

This dinky box mod from SMOK is powered by two 18650 batteries, coming in at 2500 mAh each and packing a real punch. This power setting makes the 225 W SMOK MAG very powerful indeed, but just because it can reach a combined mAh of 5000, doesn’t mean you can use a single battery for it.


What is the best atomiser for a SMOK X Cube 2?

These powerful SMOK devices can come with a range of options for their rebuildable atomiser deck. Good options to try are the SMOK GCT and the TFV8.


What coils can you use with the SMOK T8 VA?

With devices such as the SMOK T8 VA, you can use a whole range of different coils. However, one of the best coils for the SMOK T8 VA is the specially designed octuple coil head which will ensure that you get a smooth tasting vape hit, alongside great organic wicking cotton which will no doubt bring a smooth flavour to your saturated wicks. Pair this with a kanthal heating element and a 0.15-ohm resistance and you have yourself the perfect coil for your T8 VA.


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