Stig Mighty Mint Disposable Pod Device

Mighty Mint by SaltNic is a Refreshing Cool Mint Providing the perfect amount of Menthol for an irresistible all day vape! Try a Pod Today!



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Are you up for a deliriously refreshing focus of mighty mint during your all-day vape, driven by an irresistible menthol taste? Well, if that sounds right up your street then you’ve got to try SaltNic’s Mighty Mint flavour-featuring disposable pod from Stig.

Low-wattage and ultra-portable, this pod from Stig is the bee’s knees when it comes to vaping, all right. Delivering a fantastically cool, flavoursome vape via an irresistibly petite device that’s not just marvellously lightweight and agreeably discrete, but also oh-so easy-to-install, it’s simply all about the vaping with this piece of equipment. All you have to do is pick it up and go – perfect then for those who want to vape when they’re on the move!

State-of-the-art, this is a serious vaping solution set for busy vapers on the go, for whom an all-in-one mod’s the only way to get their several-times-daily vape fix. Not least as each pod included in the kit can be used straight out of the box as soon as it’s delivered – so, no need for any time-consuming learning about different buttons, pushing of the different buttons and priming and charging here!

Indeed, you’ll find that every Stig Mighty Mint kit comes complete with three disposable pods, each of which require no assembly on the part of the vaper, being pre-filled with the super-smooth but throaty SaltNic e-liquid, which comprises a reassuringly high level of salt-based nicotine to give the vaper great nicotine blood absorption (for fuller, longer-lasting vaping satisfaction).

And, don’t doubt it; when we say disposable here, we really mean disposable – when you’re done with your approx. 270 guaranteed puffs, it’s time to throw away the pod device and take out the next one from the box… and get going again.

So, go on then, give yourself the vaping experience your busy life deserves – get yourself a Stig Mighty Mint Disposable Mod device, with its ultra-fresh, cool mint flavour!


  • 2ml pre-filled salt nicotine e-liquid per pod
  • 60mg nicotine
  • 6% nicotine by volume (equivalent of approx. 20 cigarettes)
  • Draw-activated
  • Fully charged direct from the box

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