QCIG 10ML RANGE : How Qcig is helping people quit smoking

There are lots of people who are succeeding in quitting smoking with Qcig. You want to know how? then read along. There are hundreds if not thousands of cheap e-liquid in the market in 2020 but very few that are memorable and gets you hooked. Qcig being such a reputable company is definitely just one reason as to why this business is a huge competitor in the market. Qcig manufactures flavoured e-liquids consisting of a blend of 60% VG and 40% PG. One of the main purposes of the business is to help people to stop smoking. This is evidently shown through their basic flavours such as Strawberry and Blueberry and rarely mixing flavours. This goal is extremely beneficial for the business to grow and make money and also help people with their smoking habit.

Their liquid is mainly designed for pod systems and generally devices burning at a lower heat. Which helps to replicate more of a cigarette so people are able to quit smoking much easily. Pod systems are designed to be small and compact so people can carry them easily.

Variety in their flavours.

It has an excellent flavour selection. Their wide variety of flavours that they offer, a few examples of those include:



Blueberry Burst 10ml by QCIG
Blueberry Burst 10ml by QCIG


Watermelon 10ml by QCIG
Watermelon 10ml by QCIG



Caramel 10ml by QCIG
Caramel 10ml by QCIG


Apple 10ml by QCIG
Apple 10ml by QCIG


Qcig is known for its quality of e-liquid

Another reason for the company’s success is the actual liquid itself. The liquid is thin and smooth on the throat for devices and almost all flavours. Qcig keeps its products as colourless as possible to ensure maximum longevity in your coil. An example of a dark coloured liquid would be some of the tobacco ranges and black cherry but most stating clear.

Moreover, Qcig is very good at keeping the brand simple in terms of the overall image, for example, each nicotine strength has a specific coloured lid:

  • Blue for 3mg
  • Green for 6mg
  • Yellow for 12mg

This is to make it not only easy on the consumer to see and easily differentiate between several bottles in case they have different levels of strength but also Qcig to set up and keep track of all the bottles.

Qcig bestsellers

Their best seller is currently menthol and has been for a while. Reasons as to why I assume its because the target market being to just help people stop smoking means a lot of generic smokers and a lot of them smoke menthol cigarettes so the habit continues through the e-liquid. Other best-sellers are Black cherry, strawberry and cream and watermelon. A lot of the time it can also depend on the weather season as typically sales for menthol are higher in the summer and desserts are a higher sell in the winter. The tobacco range would be a close second in terms of popularity as well because a lot of consumers want it to replicate a cigarette as much as possible. Being able to extract just the pure flavour of tobacco without all those dangerous chemicals is amazing.

Currently, we do a deal right now with Qcig which is getting three assorted flavours of your choice for 10 pounds when normally it is 4 pounds per bottle. This is an excellent incentive to encourage consumers to try different flavours which may help them even more with stopping to smoke.

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