As anyone who goes crazy for corn flakes and their ilk knows only too well, cereals aren’t just for breakfast; they’re for any time of day. And thanks to the ever increasingly popular pastime that’s vaping, never has that been truer!

After all, there’s simply nothing like indulging in a bowl of your favourite (supposed) breakfast-time-friendly eats, whether it’s morning, lunchtime, afternoon or evening – or even at bedtime for a midnight feast. It’s that that crispy-meets-dairy combo of flakes, hoops or mini-wheat packets accompanied by milk; an irresistible treat to munch away on for that comforting yet healthy sustenance stop. Quite frankly, when the occasion arises, who honestly can say no to a bowl of cereal?

Now, of course, in vaping terms, cereal flavour e-liquid isn’t a new revelation; far from it. Yet, as the technology, processes and creativity behind producing e-juices innovates, so cereal-themed e-liquids have improved and become ever more popular; tasting more and more like the real thing, according to eager punters.

Nowadays, it’s no longer general creamy-fruit-flavoured vape juices that are shoehorned into the ‘cereal’ category; instead, cereal e-liquids are the real deal – blended perfectly, the best of them undoubtedly and authentically replicate the combined tastes of grains, sweeteners and milk (the primary ingredients of real cereals) to summon up the flavour of the actual thing.

No question then, the vape juice mixologists of today have taken the art of pulling off satisfying blends for cereal e-liquid flavours to levels never before seen (or, rather, tasted). In many ways, this sees a combination of the types of flavours associated most closely with e-liquids offering up dessert and fruit tastes; the result being complex and satisfyingly layered flavour profiles, which don’t just mimic the sensation of eating a whimsically familiar, fondly recalled cereal of your youth, but also takes you on an eventful, delightful taste journey.

After all, who doesn’t have marvellous memories of wolfing down bowls of their favourite sugary cereal topped off with creamy milk? And, of course, to an extent, the great thing about being able to devour cereal every breakfast-time was the knowledge that while it always tasted delicious (and, usually, sated one’s oh-so young sweet tooth), the sensible, health-nourishing ingredients it contained were doing your body good.

Indeed, to a certain extent, that holds true today when vaping eliquids in cereal flavour because these concoctions ensure you can, once more, sate that sweet tooth (does it ever really go away?) but without piling on the calories and doing your body any harm in the process. What could be better? Reliving those childhood memories with a magical mix of terrific sugar-coated fruit flavours has, truly, never been better!

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Banana Haze 100ml

Banana Haze 100ml
  • Banana
  • Hazelnut
  • Pear
  • 100 Large
  • Fruit
  • 2 x Nicotine Shots
  • 70/30 VG/PG

Boss Reserve E-Liquid by Cuttwood

Boss Reserve – Crunchy cereal with milk, sweetest honey and sliced bananas.

Campfire E-Liquid by Charlies Chalk Dust

VG/PG : 70% PG/30% VG, 10ml bottle

CCD 3 E-Liquid by Charlies Chalk Dust

VG/PG : 70% PG/30% VG, 10ml bottle

Slam Dunk Multipack by MoMo E-Liquid

Slam Dunk Multipack by MoMo E-Liquid 3mg. "Slam" In goes the enchanting crunchy cereal, sprinkled with fruits from fairies. "Dunk" in a splash of delicious creamy milk from the pool of miracles