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Almond & Caramel E-Liquid by WFFL

Almond and Caramel eLiquid from WFFL features a classic breakfast Waffle as its basis, with sweet Caramel and nutty Almonds as a delicious finish.

Blueberry Waffle E-Liquid by WFFL

Blueberry eLiquid by WFFL has a sweetened breakfast Waffle basis, along with a smattering of Blueberries for a super-food breakfast treat.

Lemon Curd E-Liquid by WFFL

Lemon Curd eLiquid by WFFL is all about tart and creamy deliciousness, featuring sweet Belgian Waffles with a topping of biting citrus Lemon Curd to finish.

Strawberry & Cream E-Liquid by WFFL

Strawberries and Cream eLiquid by WFFL features a sweet breakfast Waffle, with a side-helping of fresh Strawberries, and smooth Cream to finish.