With a reputation for supplying symptom-easing and health-boosting solutions to the customers that really need them, Ambience are specialists in the manufacture of cannabidiol (CBD) e-liquids that can be vaped just as simply and easily as anyone would vape a regular PG/ VG e-juice. Impressive, you might say; but how can you be sure its products are as non-intrusive and effective as they’re claimed to be?


Well, entirely developed and produced in the UK (at the company’s base in Brentwood, Essex, to be exact), Ambience CBD e liquid is a British-made vaping product at its best. For every iteration of this well-reviewed manufacturer’s hemp-oil e-liquid goes through rigorous testing to ensure the CBD it contains is free from any impurities or foreign chemicals (such as the likes of solvents, pesticide traces and so on) that might impact on the efficacy of its beneficial cannabinoids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Indeed, the purity of the cannabidiol is 99.39-99.5%.


Thus, you can be sure that, by vaping one of the CBD e-liquid flavours produced by Ambience, you’re receiving pure hemp oil that’s of benefit to you in one of the most (or maybe even *the* most?) effective way possible. And, don’t doubt it; CBD is an entirely natural chemical that, when expertly cultivated and treated, is entirely safe to vape and absorb into the body; its benefits for the treating of symptoms of chronic pain and those related to acute stress/ anxiety are becoming recognised, appreciated and accepted alongside long-standing mainstream health treatments, throughout the world.


And just like any other genuinely reputable hemp-based vaping product on the market, Ambience’s CBD offerings may well comprise cannabidiol but definitely don’t contain any trace of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which means these products deliver absolutely zero psychotropic or hallucinogenic effects. Moreover, with symptom-relief and health-enhancement the top priority here, none of Ambience’s vape juices contain the addictive chemical that’s nicotine (nor do they alcohol, diacetyl or animal extracts). Although, for flavour purposes, they do contain perfectly legitimate and perfectly harmless natural and/ or artificial chemicals.


Note too that all the CBD e-liquids we sell at Vape Lagoon – so, yes, including those produced by Ambience – have been laboratory-tested to make sure their maximum possible quality is intact and they’re free of any harmful substances. We also advise you to keep the e-juice’s bottles tightly sealed and to store them in a cool place safely away from direct sunlight.

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Pomberry Fusion by Ambience CBD

Pomberry Fusion by Ambience CBD
  • Pomegranate
  • Mix Berries
  • Fruit
  • CBD
  • 10ml
  A blast of Pomegranate and Berry's infused together with Cannaboid Oil.