In this section, you’ll find listed many and various vape juices we stock in 30 ml e liquid bottles.

So, when you’re looking to purchase a vape juice, what sized bottle should you select? Well, fundamentally, the answer to that question depends on how you’re planning to vape that e-liquid – how fast are you planning to vape it (in a single session, across a day as an all-day vape or longer) or do you intend to keep the e-juice for some time, as far as its expiry date will allow, or even ‘steep’ it over a lengthy period before you’re ready to vape the bottle’s contents?

Bear in mind then, that should you regular use a standard e-cig or mod you’ll probably likely only use one or two millilitres of vape juice a day. So, in that scenario, purchasing a 30 ml bottle of 50/ 50 VG/ PG e-liquid may not be your best bet if you’re planning on vaping all the contents of a bottle you’re buying in a single day. Moreover, it’s worth remembering that sub ohm vaping at a high wattage will likely see you go through much more e-juice; perhaps as much as 10 ml in a single day. As you can see then, which e-liquid size you buy should depend on your preferred style, manner and version of vaping.

A quick guide for e-liquid sizes:

  • Short fill – likely to be around the 10 or 20 ml range (rather than, say, 30 ml short fill e-liquid); commonly used to top up a juice with nicotine content
  • 10 ml – often used for e-juice samples
  • 15 ml – commonly for PG-heavy e-liquids, but is generally being phased out by many manufacturers
  • 30 ml – 30ml e liquid is a popular size that’s suitable for 50/ 50 VG/ PG ratios (and PG-heavy ratios), as well as for trying out a VG-heavy ratio
  • 50/ 60 ml – 60 ml or 30 ml e cig liquid is commonly used for VG-heavy vaping
  • 120 ml vape juice – tends to be good if value-for-money’s important to you
  • 180 ml – usually made available for bulk-buying

When you’re looking to buy e-juice, in addition to the size of the bottle, don’t forget to consider the e-liquid’s quality and flavour. At Vape Lagoon, we take these aspects of e-liquids very seriously; we can guarantee the flavour and strength of all liquids available on our website will have undergone strict testing and fulfilled necessary levels of quality control and safety before we stock it.

Plus, don’t forget too that many vape liquids come with different VG/ PG ratios. A good rule of thumb here is that with, say, 30 ml e liquid UK, should you intend to use a lower powered device and a coil with a higher resistance, then you may be better off with a VG/ PG ratio that isn’t too extreme in its ratio (i.e. something closer to 50/ 50 than not).

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