Keeping It Cordial: The Ins And Outs Of Public Vaping Etiquette

Public Vaping

Although it has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, vaping is still relatively new. As a result, the etiquette surrounding it is still developing and a lot of people aren’t sure where they can vape and where they can’t. And, to add to the confusion, bars, pubs, restaurants and offices often have very different policies when it comes to vaping. This can leave people in fear of making a social faux pas and put some off of vaping altogether. So, when it comes to vaping etiquette, what’s your best move in various different public locations…?


Pubs, restaurants and bars

In some places, you’ll be able to vape freely inside and won’t have to get up and leave your friends sat at the table. However, in many pubs and bars you’ll still have to head out into the cold if you want to enjoy a vape. Restaurants, as well as pubs that serve food, almost always ask customers to go outside to vape

If there are no signs on display telling you the venue’s vaping policy, it’s always a good idea to ask before you begin vaping. If you want to keep your friends on your side you should also check with them before you start vaping in their presence. Although research is yet to show any risk to health from passive vaping, some people still aren’t happy about breathing in vapour so the more considerate you can be, the better.


Public transport

Vaping is not allowed on most types of public transport. Most train networks have banned vaping, so you’ll need to wait till you complete your journey (or for a predetermined smoking/vaping stop) before you crack out your e-cigarette. In addition to buses, trains and the London Underground, you are generally not allowed to vape on planes.



Surprisingly, there are still no rules or regulations governing the use of e-cigarettes in taxis. Although some cab companies will have their own policies regarding vaping, many leave it up to the individual driver so make sure you ask permission before you begin.



If your office doesn’t have a policy about vaping in the workplace, it’s a good idea to talk to your boss before you vape. If they’re not sure whether to let you vape or not, ask your colleagues for their opinions and see if you can come to an agreement everyone is happy with.


Crowded areas

When navigating the tricky world of vaping etiquette, it’s not just indoor areas you need to think about; a lot of people have a problem with vaping in crowded areas, too. Some sporting venues have banned vaping in their stadiums and a lot of people object to vaping in queues, outdoor concerts and other open-air spaces.


Road vehicles

Although vaping isn’t banned in cars, motorists have been warned they could face fines if vaping causes them to drive without due care and attention.


Stealth vaping

As it’s not always possible to vape openly whenever you want to, some people are tempted to go stealth using their vape device and e-juice (commonly purchased from a well-reviewed online store or a physical outlet, such as a vape shop Canary Wharf). However, even though you may be able to get away with it, beware; vaping under the radar isn’t particularly good etiquette and you may well find you annoy the people around you, especially if you’re in a restaurant, on public transport or in another enclosed space.

Vaping etiquette essentially comes down to two main rules: be considerate and ask permission. As long as you think about those around you and check with staff that vaping is allowed, you should be able to vape without ruffling anyone else’s feathers.


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