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Just Juice Superior Eliquid

Just Juice UK has become a very well known brand for selling high quality premium Eliquids. The eliquid they manufacture differs when it comes to what the ratio of VG and PG is as they offer a wide range of flavours alongside different types of eliquid including Nicotine Salt and ordinary high VG Short-fills. Their Nic Salt has a ratio of 50/50 which allows for it to be used in lower wattage devices and Pod Systems. This is a smart move by the business as Nic Salt are more commonly used and designed for devices burning at a low power which makes the thin consistency of the liquid perfect. Their free based e-liquid has a blend of 70/30 which is more suitable for the bigger devices that burn at a higher wattage. Consumers who buy bigger bottles of e-liquid are more likely to have a bigger device and prefer larger clouds a flavour preference.

Just Juice has had huge success over the past couple of years as the business managed to win 3 awards in 2019 for the winner of the Vape Jam, Best Beverage and Best Up and Coming Brand. In 2020 they managed to secure the award for Best Fruit at the Vaper League event. The company’s success continues to grow as they plan to release even more unique flavors in the future and maybe a wider tobacco range.

The company has left a huge impression on the industry for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is their wide variety of flavours that they offer along with unique mixes of certain flavours that is original and like no other. Some of those flavors include blends such as:

Apple and Pear on Ice

Apple & Pear on Ice Just Juice

Blood Orange, Citrus and Guava

just juice Blood Orange, Citrus & Guava

Kiwi and Cranberry on Ice

Kiwi & Cranberry on Ice Nic Salt

Mango and Passion Fruit

Just Juice - Mango & Passion Fruit 50ml

The Branding

Furthermore, the overall brand image of Just Juice Eliquids looks very cool with water droplets around the bottle imitating a sort of water evaporation pattern. Along with the bright, vibrant colors usually used to match the color of the fruit in that bottle for example the apple and pear on the ice were mainly green with a hint of light blue for the ice representation. The bright and different patterns really seem to catch the consumer’s eyes and vape lagoon is doing really well with this brand. As I’ve already mentioned a reason for there success is there a wide variety of flavors and mixing certain fruits together that normally you wouldn’t. Lastly, the shape of their bottles is incredibly unique but somewhat still compact and has a nice feeling on the hands. The great thing about this is that it will be very distinguishable for consumers and they will find it easier to recognize.


we would rate Just Juice UK 9/10 and would highly recommend that you give them a try. if you love fresh fruity flavours then I don’t know what your are waiting for. no one misses out as it’s available in 50/50 and 70/30 VG/PG.

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