Vaping is fast becoming one of the most popular past times for ex-smokers, but how can you improve the taste?

For many, vaping has become one of the best ways to quit smoking. This is because of the countless flavours, and seemingly infinite settings and devices you can invest in to help personalise and customise your experience. Now, everyone has a different taste when it comes to vaping, but one thing every vape has in common, is the want for better taste. Whilst there are many easy ways to improve your vapes taste, sometimes it might take a little more than just a flavour switch. Below are some of the surefire ways to improve the taste of your vape flavours, and some of the vape taste problems which you should keep a tab on.


Go for a premium e liquid

It’s simple really, the higher quality the vape juice, the better the taste will be. If your e liquid is quality guaranteed, it means that it is made with better ingredients. High quality flavourings, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and nicotine will all pool together into a great tasting juice. Many bootleg e liquids are made with dodgy additions to cheapen the process, and can lead to less than satisfactory experience. You can find many premium quality e liquids at Vape Lagoon, purveyors of only the highest quality e liquids.


Steep your vape juice

Vape juices, like alcohol, need to have a period of “fermentation”. The best whiskeys and wines have sat in their barrels and kegs for long time, giving the flavour time to fully settle, sometimes even waiting for decades before they are introduced to the tastebuds. The same goes for vape juices, the organic compounds, flavourings and nicotine needing a few weeks from mixing to consumption, to settle and really solidify a unique flavour. This is the way that nasty juice e liquid flavours have captured their unique tastes.

Higher PG juices

The vegetable glycerine in vape juice is responsible for the thickness of the e liquid, ensuring larger vape clouds. This is all well and good for cloud chasers, but can be detrimental to the flavour of a liquid. Most vape juices on the market opt for the higher VG and lower nicotine vape flavours, aiming to entice the lower nicotine and sub ohm device using market. The reality is that it is propylene glycol in vape juices which carry the flavour, meaning that if you want the most concentrated juices, you might have to up your PG ratio at the expense of your vape clouds.


Tighten the airflow

A looser airflow will mean a cooler vape inhale, but more diluted one. Using the ring at the neck of your mouthpiece or ner your tank, tighten the airflow so you are getting a more intense vape hit.


Change your coil

Like with all vape components, the coil on your rebuildable vape device will eventually need replacing. This is because its exposure to heat over time will lead to it oxidising and degrading. As an important supporter of your devices resistance, the coil needs to be in good condition to ensure enough heat is transferred so that your vape liquid is vaporised to its full potential.


Try mouth to lung, not direct to lung

Mouth to lung vaping is one of the two main styles for vaping. Direct to lung, preferred by sub ohm vaping means inhaling your vape juice in much the same way as sucking air out of a balloon. This means you bypass the mouth, where the actual tasting occurs, in favour of a larger inhale. Mouth to lung means a smaller vape hit, but with a smaller vape exhale.

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