Vape taste is one of the aspects often overlooked in favour of power and cloud thickness. Here are some ways to keep your vape taste sweet, in both senses of the word.

Vape flavours are often advertised on account of their thick clouds, as well as their effectiveness with sub ohm devices. In reality however, it is easy to up the flavour on your vape device with just a few simple tricks. Whether you are planning on vaping with a rebuildable mod or you are using a vape pen, there are plenty of ways you can up your flavour at your favourite Docklands vape shop, without having to invest in expensive new kit.


Tighten your airflow

The airflow in your vape device is one of the best ways to up your flavour. The airflow on your rebuildable mod is usually controlled by a sliding collar, either at the bottom of the mouthpiece or found around the tank. When used, the airflow is either tightened or loosened. The more air in your vape hit, the cooler it will be, but the more diluted. The most flavoursome vape hits are the ones with the tightest airflows, as very few external elements are allowed into the concentrated vapour hit.


Find the right flavours

Vape flavours are subjective at the end of the day. The best ones for you come down to personal taste, and could be for any range of reasons. Whether it’s Nasty juice e liquid flavours or Element’s wide range of unique tastes, there are plenty of options for you to try in store and online. The best bet is to try and test a range, until you have your favourites. It is also important that if you want a better quality taste, that you make sure you keep your juices premium.


Avoid vapers tongue

Vapers tongue is something which has become feared mythology within the vaping community. In reality though, vapers tongue is something more psychological than a real affliction. In popular culture, vapers tongue is something which strikes down your tastebuds and makes vaping less enjoyable, sometimes forever. Vapers tongue in the true sense mostly occurs when you vape with one flavour for too long, your brain becoming used to it and therefore the nerves on your tongue sending weakened signals to the brain when you vape with it.


Find your perfect temperature

Vaping at higher temperature will up the flavour but will also make the vape hit more intense. Most rebuildable devices and vape pens come with temperature control settings. These allow you to dial the temperature up or down, which like the airflow, can have a real effect on the taste of your vapour. There is a medium for everyone, finding the right balance so that the taste is not overpowered by intense heat.


Steep your vape juices

Vape juice steeping is one of the best ways to ensure a high quality and nuanced tasting vape juice. The steeping process is much like the fermenting process in alcohol mixing, leading to a higher quality product. If you want to enjoy your vape flavour for everything it has, then make sure to steep it in a cool dark place for as long as it needs. This especially necessary of self-mixed vape juices, which need time for the ingredients to gather and mix.


Keep your coils clean

Coil cleaning is another way to ensure your vape juice is perfect tasting. The coil can degrade over time, so ensuring that it is in good condition help you to defend against vape juice “cooking” and that terrible burnt taste which comes with a degraded coil. To clean your coil, take it out of your vape device, and with each of the other components rinse them separately in a bowl of ethanol or warm water.

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