This worldwide phenomenon makes it even easier to give up cigarettes.

There is no one time that is best to give up cigarettes; any time of the year will do. With so much support coming in from around the world and many different health charities getting behind the anti smoking agenda, there is no one time you should give up. That being said, the coming of October always brings with it a worldwide and concerted effort to ditch the fags for good. This is part of the Stoptober Campaign, a month-long propaganda machine for the anti smoking agenda.

With vape shops like Vape Lagoon already getting involved through local community charities, there are many ways that other vape companies can get involved, and can help people change their lives for the better.


What is Stoptober?

Stoptober takes place across both the UK and other countries, creating a loose network of organisations dedicated to the cessation of smoking. The Stoptober campaign in the UK takes place over 28 days, beginning on the first day of October, with promotions and advertising taking place throughout September as well.

The Stoptober campaign offers a wide range of services and information, both online and at clinics, for people looking to quit, focussing on a wide range of nicotine addiction sufferers including the LGBT community, pregnant women and those suffering from mental health problems. Stoptober aims to support and inform, and uses a wide range of methods to help those willing to engage in the 28 day programme.


What companies are involved in Stoptober?

Last year saw the London fire department warning of the dangers of smoking, and actually marked their first year of officially promoting vaping as a safer alternative. On top of this, you’ll see a lot of Stoptober related activity from charities such as Cancer Research UK and Quit Right in Tower Hamlets.

Other companies involved in the Stoptober campaign are nicotine substitute companies, including the manufacturers of nicotine patches, gum and of course, e cigarette and vape juice companies.

 vape juice

Of course, one of the main instigators of the Stoptober Campaign is the NHS, who many of the free consultation services for those looking to quit smoking are run through.


What services does Stoptober offer?

Alongside smoking cessation tools such as nicotine substitutes, the Stoptober offers a range of literature containing information on the best ways to quit smoking. This can include psychological support, as well as face to face clinics where you can learn how to curb your habit in a way which suits your lifestyle and needs. There are also a wide range of talks and workshops where you can learn how to give up smoking, and the evidence to support this decision. Hypnotherapy is also a service which is supported by the Stoptober campaign, having proven very effective for people.

You can learn more about this and the other services by signing up for free online, and ordering a Stoptober Pack. These packs include a Health and Wealth wheel, a scratchable progress tracker to keep you moving forward during the month.


How does vaping tie into Stoptober?

So where do companies like Vape Lagoon fit into all of this? Vaping was first created as a smoking cessation tool and has developed into more of a past time since then. The reason why it works so well in curbing smoking is not only its heat not burn effects, but the personalisation, diversity and social nature of it. This makes it easier to keep up with, vape shops acting as both a retailer and a social hub. This is why companies such as Vape Lagoon are so heavily involved in Stoptober campaigns, showcasing their wares and finding out what devices and equipment they have that could really make a difference to people’s lives.

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