E-liquids are a vital part of your vaping experience. There are hundreds of different flavors, nicotine strengths, and different thicknesses or VG/PG to choose from. Vape Lagoon has a wide variety of vape liquids that cater to all E-liquids preferences to accompany your vape kit, flavour, and nicotine strength profile. Finding the right combination of flavor and nicotine strength/type is an essential part of vaping as it can make the difference between enjoying your vape and giving it up. Our popular brands include Kumo, Wick Liquor, Just Juice, DoozyNasty Juice, Monsta Vapes, and Double Drip.

Vape Lagoon stock brands from all across the globe, so you can rest assured of getting the best quality products that have been tried and tested by us first.

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