This revolutionary new use of hemp has led to further research into how long it will have an affect on you.


CBD, or cannabidiol is a derivative of the marijuana plant which is used in vape liquids for medical and therapeutic reasons. CBD e liquid has recently been made legal for recreational use in the UK, and makes users feel relaxed and less anxious, whilst also helping with aches and pains. On top of this, CBD has been sued int eh treatment of mental health disorders as well as psoriasis and arthritis, whilst remaining far tastier than most medicines. All these attributes have triggered a CBD boom, and has led to further scrutiny about just how long it affects the body for. Below are some of the facts we know about the now wide variety of forms that CBD takes, as well as how long they will affect the body for.


How does CBD affect the body?

CBD does not have any of the psychoactive effects of THC, and none of the potentially damaging psychological effects either. Afterall, CBD is perfectly legal, although there are small traces of THC in all CBD, which if taken on a regular basis can come up positive in a drugs test. With proof of your use of CBD though, you’ll no doubt be fine. CBD will lead to feelings of stress and pain relief and will take effect in between 3 and five minutes of your ingestion of it.


How long does CBD stay in your system for?

CBD’s time spent in the human body will be affected by a range of different factors. What we do know though, is that CBD’s effects will last for two to six hours in vape oils, and for longer in edibles.


Variable factors

The length of the effect of CBD oil will depend on the way that you take it into your body. This can vary from person to person as well, there being a few factors to keep in mind when using it.



Metabolism, or the rate at which your body, or more specifically your liver, digests chemicals will depend on your height, weight and build. This means that at a base level, people will experience CBD at a different pace.


How often you use it

Your tolerance to CBD will depend on how often you use it. Put simply, the more you use it, the more you will have to use to get the desired effect.


How strong a dose you use

CBD oils come in varying levels of potency. The higher a level of CBD in the liquid you are using, the stronger and longer an effect it will have.


How you use it

There are a range of different forms of CBD you can use. Your method will come down entirely to the way that you enjoy the most. The effects will vary depending on how you use it, and the most effective application comes down entirely to the user and your specific needs.



One of the most popular methods of CBD use for recreational users is in vape juices and vape oils. Then reason or this is that it can be easily applied and infused with other chemicals such as nicotine, being sued as a flavouring more than for its medical use. CBD in vape juice will still make you feel relaxed and can have varying potencies depending on the concentration you are using. CBD in vaping has quite an instantaneous effect due to it reaching the blood stream quicker than oral consumption.



Tinctures are medicines dissolved in alcohol and are liquids made for oral consumption. This will take a little longer to affect the body because of the medicine having to be



CBD is available in spray form for the mouth, which has a quick effect on the body, especially in concentrated forms.



Vape edibles include cookies and cakes infused with the hemp chemical. These take a little longer to take effect, again due to their having to be digested.



Usually used for pain relief, CBD cream is useful for instantaneous remedying of sprains, aches and arthritis related joint pain.


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