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All You Need To Know About The Box Mod

The Box Mod

Often reserved for the seasoned vaper, the box mod is still one of the most popular devices on the market. If you are looking for a powerful, flexible vape device, then the box mod is the one for you. Whether you are a dripper or an all day tank vape, the box mod is effective and stylish, and available at our Canary Wharf Vape shop. Though they are so popular, it is still easy to get confused as to what a box mod actually is and what its unique functions are. That’s why we’ve compiled a definitive guide which tells you everything you need to know about the device, and whether it’s right for you as a vaper.


What is a box mod?

Put simply, a box mod is a type of vape device which is larger than your everyday vape pen and includes a wide range of vaping options, such as temperature control and variable wattage. These flexible controls help you to personalise the vaping experience and even allow you to change around the devices components, such as coils and batteries. Unlike vape pens and cigalikes, the box mod makes room for personalisation and experimentation, making it the perfect device for the seasoned vaper.




Regulated box mods

There are two main types of box mod. The first is the regulated box mod. These devices have stringent safety features and specific temperature and wattage controls installed, meaning that you can play around with ohm’s law up to a point, before the safety features kick in. This stops you from overloading a battery or frying the circuit, and ensures that you can explore the limits of vaping power within safe parametres.


Unregulated box mods

Unregulated box mods are devices which do not hold any safety features within their circuit, in part because there is no circuit to begin with. As a DIY vaper, an unregulated mod offers up an empty deck for you to add to and find your perfect vape hit. Coming with only a deck, atomiser and battery, you can add as many coils and power units as you like, meaning that the limits of vaping are only the ones that you set yourself. That being said, an unregulated box mod has no safety features, so you are left in charge of your own safety when it comes to using the device. Better brush up on your ohm’s law!


Why buy a box?


Box mods are created with user flexibility in mind. Whatever the situation, whether you’re at home or out and about, there’ll be a power setting and a coil to suit your needs. If you’re looking to go sub ohm or keep your vaping discreet, you can find the perfect temperature, resistance, and wattage for the situation.



Finding your sweet spot has never been easier with a box mod. As mentioned above, the vaping circuit stats are incredibly flexible, and what’s more there are countless components for you to change and try. Especially when it comes to unregulated mechanical mods, the world is your oyster as you explore the almost limitless possibilities of coil and battery power.



Power is key with the box mod. Whilst cigalikes and vape pens only have a certain level of power they can reach, the box mod can reach incredibly high power levels. From sub ohm vaping to over 250 watts on a vape device, the power settings on box mods are almost limitless.


In conclusion, if you are a seasoned vaper looking to step up to the next level of personalised vaping, then box mods for you. If you’re still getting your head around how the circuits and modifications work, then it’s best you keep to a simpler device till the time is right.


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