Advantages Of 0% Nicotine E-Liquid

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Vape juices have traditionally ranged between 3 mg and 20 mg of nicotine per 10 ml bottle. As per the TPD laws enforced in May of 2016, most e liquids have been mixed to give different levels of nicotine users the hit they need. This is the perfect antidote to smoking tobacco, bringing a wide range of flavours to London e cigarette shops and allowing former smokers the chance to try and test the wide range of mixes. The journey to fidning the perfect mix is a long oen for many vapers, allowing you to traverse the vape scene and become a vaping connoisseur who knows exactly what hits the spot.

So why have many vape juice companies started to produce nicotine free e liquids? Many vaping cynics have argued that this is a ploy to lure non smokers into vaping, eventually getting them hooked when they try flavours containing nicotine. The reality is different and far more positive, and has a wide range of motivations behind it, none of which intend to trick non-smokers into getting hooked on nicotine.

Stronger flavours


Without the nicotine hit in your vape inhale, you have more of a chance to appreciate the complex flavours of vape juice. This means that many vapers who are looking to cut down their nicotine habit can still vape and enjoy the past time, whilst also ensuring that they are getting none of the addictive nicotine short falls. Stronger nicotine concentrations in a vape juice can overwhelm the flavour of an e liquid, the bitter hit of the nicotine sometimes outweighing the sweet and often complex notes of juices which have been meticulously refined by loving vape aficionados. Instead of seeing nicotine free vape juices as a marketing ploy, see it as a way to truly appreciate the flavours, like tasting a fine wine.

Smoother inhale

With nicotine free vape juices, you can enjoy a smoother vape inhale. Nicotine can often add a throat hit to the vape juice, and with none in the mix, you can be assured of plain sailing when enjoying your inhale. This is especially important when direct to lung vaping, or if you are sub ohm vaping on lower resistances.

Bigger clouds

smoke cloud

Planning on entering a vape trick competition. For bigger clouds, you’re going to have to inhale a lot more vapour. The more nicotine concentrated vapour you inhale, the more nicotine you’ll be ingesting. Most vape trick artists vape with low level or nicotine free vape juices so as to ensure they don’t feel ill or get hooked on the chemical. Remember that nicotine is poisonous in larger quantities.

Short fills and DIY vaping

Many vape juices come nicotine free in bottles called “short fills”. Short fill vape juice bottles can reach anything up to 50 mls, and give vapers the opportunity to add their nicotine shots. This is great news for ex heavy smokers who might need larger nicotine concentrations than the 20 mg maximums of the TPD restricted pre-filled bottles. Nicotine free vape juices in short fill bottles mean that up to 20 percent of the bottles volume is left empty so that you can add your own nicotine to it.

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